Thunderbird Review 2020

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2018

From the same community that brought us Firefox, one of the best and most popular browsers on the internet today, comes Thunderbird.

This e-mail client isn’t designed with downloading binary files in mind, but it is an excellent reader, and best of all, it costs absolutely nothing. It comes in flavors that will run on any OS, Mac, Linux, or Windows, and finding it for download is very easy to do.

Main Features And Highlights Of Thunderbird

Since this program is mainly an e-mail client there aren’t very many useful features when compared to a regular Usenet client that was designed for Usenet purposes. NZB’s aren’t supported nor is binary downloading, but the clinet is an excellent newsreader…and did we mention that it’s free.

Mom always said that “The best things in life…” But, since this client doesn’t allow for downloading binaries, her other saying applies here just as well…”you get what you pay for.” Nonetheless, we think it’s great, and it works with our FF 4 install perfect.

Thunderbird Summary

In all, most people want to download binaries when they are checking out Usenet, so this client has kind of been left behind and lost in the shuffle. But if you only want to browse, and post, this is a newsreader you can trust to work, and not be riddled with issues.

Configuration is a little troublesome, but well worth the effort. It’s FREE,  so there’s nothing to lose, and there are plenty of clients that are dedicated to downloading binaries exclusively.


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