Download 2 Day Review

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2017

This Dutch Usenet company has now been renamed


Download2Day Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

There are no special or discounted deals by Download2Day at present.

Download2Day Free Trial

Download2Day does not offer any free trial.

Download2Day Plan / Price Offerings

Download2Day have block accounts available, but there are unlimited traffic options available as well.

The pricing of block accounts follows:

  • 25 GB block – €8,75/mo.
  • 100 GB block – €24,75/mo.
  • 500 GB block – €94,75/mo.

On the other hand, there are packages off unlimited traffic with the following prices:

  • Light: 3 Mbps unlimited: €4,99/month, €15,99/3 months, €29,94/6 months
  • Medium: 5 Mbps unlimited – €6,99/month, €21,99/3 months, €41,94/6 months
  • Heavy: 10 Mbps unlimited – €8,99/month, €27,99/3 months, €53,94/6 months
  • Extra: 20 Mbps unlimited – €10,99/month, €30,99/3 months, €59,94/6 months
  • Ultra: 120 Mbps unlimited – €12,99/month, €36,99/3 months, €71,94/6 months

Download2Day Connection Speeds / Server Locations

Download2Day’s connections speeds depend on the plan, as well as the speed of the internet providers.  They have one server farm located in the Europe and free SSL is provided.

Download2Day Technical Notes

There are no technical information available on Download2Day’s website.

Download2Day Quality of Service

We have not tested the service of Download2Day, but according to their website but we are assuming they have a decent level of service.

Download2Day Customer Service

They offer online support (so no expensive international calls are necessary), available in English and Dutch.

Download2Day Conclusion

This Dutch Usenet company offers very decent prices adjusted by download speed. If you are looking for the lowest prices and unlimited download speeds you can do a bit better via  our Best and Cheapest Usenet Provider List.

Astraweb and  UsenetServer beat their lowest price when you signup for a year and offer much better retention.



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