PayLessUsenet Review

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2017

PayLessUsenet offers discounted Usenet access in return for a low retention


Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

PayLess has one very nice feature. Since the majority of users do not use the usenet account every day, they offer the discount program. In this program, each day when the user did not use the service, the PayLessDays discount point is earned. Further, these points are accumulated throughout the billing period. Once the renewal time comes, the user will get 1% discount for each discount point he or she has earned.

Free Trial

PayLessUsenet offers a 5-day, 5GB FREE trial.

Plan / Price Offerings

There are currently 2 options available. Besides the (very good) free 5-day trial (comes with 5 days of free service or up to 5GB of total transfer), there is also an option called gigiMax which offers unlimited monthly bandwidth download, 256-bit SSL encryption, up to 30 simultaneous connections and more than 400 days of retention. The unlimited uploads are available as well.

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

2 server farms are available for their subscribers. One farm is located in the North America and the other in the Europe. The addresses of the servers are as follows:

  • North American servers:
  • European servers:

There are number of ports available for these servers: 20, 23, 53, 80, 443, 119, 2000, 880, 8080, 9000, 9001 and 9002. Let’s also mention that there is secure SSL port 563 available. There is also a note that the authentication is required on both servers.

Technical Notes

There are no other technical information available on PayLessUsenet’s website.

Quality of Service

The retention (both for the binary and text groups) is over 400 days (and growing) and the completion rate is over 99%.  However, we have not tried the service to confirm if that information are true.

Customer Service

They have an online web form or you can email them at for technical questions.


Besides the very nice and informative website, we like the discount program and the pricing is decent.  However if you are concerned about the cheapest pricing possible choose UsenetServer or Astraweb ( yearly) plans instead – less than $8 /month for 3x times the retention of PayLess


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