Yotta News Review

Last Updated: Sep 30, 2017

With only 90 days of binary retention for $15 / month - YottaNews is hopelessly out of date.


YottaNews Deal / YottaNews Coupon / Special Offer

No special pricing, special offers, coupon or related discounts are available for YottaNews.

YottaNews Trial / YottaNews Free Trial Offer

YottaNews no free trial.

YottaNews Plan and Price Offerings

YottaNews offers only recurring accounts you can choose either monthly, semi yearly or yearly. None of these options are good deal however compare their $150 a year to UsenetServer’s $95 a year or Astraweb’s $96 a year .

YottaNews Block Plans

No traditional block plans are available with YottaNews

YottaNews Connection Speeds And Server Locations

YottaNews has servers in the USA only.

YottaNews Speed Test

Download speeds for YottaNews are normal. Don’t bother with a speed test though as we don’t recommend their service.

YottaNews Technical Details:

YottaNews is a USA based Usenet provider (a reseller of Usenet services )

YottaNews Customer Service:

YottaNews only offers email based customer support.

YottaNews Quality And Message Completion:

Retention is very low at 99 days. Message completetion appears to be about 98%.

YottaNews Security/Privacy

YottaNews plans include SSL. Also of note: YottaNews is a USA based company and subject to US law.

Other Nice Features

No additional features with YottaNews.

YottaNews Service Conclusion:

You would be unwise to choose YottaNews. YottaNews is way too expensive for their low retention numbers plus they haven’t updated their site in a few years. Choose instead from this list of best usenet service providers


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